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We are an all-ages martial arts club based in the east and south east suburbs of Melbourne.

Do you want your children to learn self-defence, respect and discipline?

For 28 years, LBKA’s specifically created programs for Karate pre-schoolers right through to adults and have helped our students reach their full potential.

Do you want them to have fun while learning real life skills?

With 11 dojos based in the east and south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne, there are classes almost every day of the week. Instructors not only run classes but also separately train together with the adult students. Individual attention is given to new beginner students.


A unique feature of our club is that every class will be run by many black belts (Sempai). The instructors set the activities for each session.

From Student to Leader

Our classes provide the opportunity to learn self defence skills in a safe and challenging environment. Many of our students have been with us since they were in Karate Pre-School with many going on to be valued members of LBKA’s leadership group.

Martial Arts

Our core syllabus incorporates freestyle karate with applied self-defence and kickboxing techniques. In addition, we utilise components of other martial arts including Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Aikido and Silat (Indonesia). Our style of sparring for the ‘Juniors’ is predominantly non-contact.


LBKA hosts two of the biggest karate tournaments in the state every year as well as a popular martial arts camp.

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Tel: (03) 9887 4098


“A punch should stay like a treasure in the sleeve.
It should not be used indiscrimately.”

Chotoku Kyan

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  • “As soon as I commenced training with Lion Bushido Karate Academy, I knew I was in the right place. Lion Bushido Karate Academy is a great school that has achieved and maintained the highest standard within the system.”
    Sempai Kon Priftis, Age 54
    2nd degree black belt
  • “I highly recommend Lion Bushido Karate Academy for all age groups. Always a fun time at training with a great bunch of people and contributes to really good conditioning, strength and agility”
    Phil Smith, Age 41
    Brown belt (1st Kyu)
  • “Lion Bushido is a family run club and feels just like a family. The juniors are taught in a welcoming and nurturing environment by a superb set of instructors. The respect amongst adult members toward one another is beyond reproach.”
    Ahmad Aly, 42 years old
    Rank – 1st Kyu (working hard toward black belt!)

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