Teams tournament

Teams tournament

The Twilight Teams Tournament on Saturday 24th May was a fantastic success with everyone who attended enjoying the evening. It was packed full of high level competition with the competitors doing their best to score the highest points using as many advanced techniques as they could.

As much as the competition was fierce it was friendly, which is what the competing schools have come to expect of the Lion Bushido Karate Tournaments.

Congratulations and a big Thank You to the many schools and competitors who attended and supported our annual event.

Also a big Thank You to all the Lion Bushido Black Belts and staff who contributed to making it a fantastic event.

Event placings

TT1 Lion Bushido Karate Academy: Karate Legends XFC Bayswater
TT2 Fighting Arts: Shaida's Samurais Tanti's M A: The Devils
TT3 Lion Bushido Karate Academy: Krazy Koalas Lion Bushido Karate Academy: The Gators
TT4 Lion Bushido Karate Academy: Shotgun Fighting Arts: Nasar's Ninjas
TT5 Lion Bushido Karate Academy: Zong's Zingers Lion Bushido Karate Academy: B. O. B.
TT6 Tsuru Kai: Kick Bags 6 Lion Bushido Karate Academy: B. O. B.
TT7 Tsuru Kai: Kick Bags 7 Lion Bushido Karate Academy: Steam Train

The Tournament started with Shihan David Snell delivering a short welcome speech which also included a condensed explanation of the rules. The techniques were expertly demonstrated by Sempai Chris Aiello and Sempai Eric Salierno. The crowd were encouraged to practice their cheering for their school. This set the benchmark for the cheering for the rest of the night. The atmosphere was electric. Sensei Trent came up with a new brainchild. 'Ring 4'. Sensei Trent took charge of keeping the 'Juniors' entertained with a fast and furious game of 'Sword Play'. This was an informal event meant to keep the teams that got 'knocked off' in the early rounds so they did not need to sit around till the end of a large division. It kept the 'juniors' very happy and the parents even happier. Sempai Ahmad Aly and Sempai Andrew Tauro did a splendid job of refereeing this event. Congratulations Sensei Trent!! It was a particularly warming feeling to see in attendance all the head instructors of the schools represented. A huge Thank You!! go out to all the competitors, their instructors and their schools for their support. The entire evening ran very smoothly without a hitch. This we have come to expect from the amazing team of Black Belts, students, parents, wives and partners which are the 'Lion Bushido Family'.

Here is a collection of photos taken by one of our martial artists Kon Christopoulos:

Congratulations to all the competitors. The results are in the table below:

EventWinnersRunner up
TT 1 (7 to 9 yrs) Bukido Bears Doncaster Devils (LBKA)
TT 2 (10 to 11 yrs) Team Dominance (LBKA) Edge
TT 3 (12 to 13 yrs) Burning Snow (LBKA) Bukido Bullets
TT 4 (14 to 15 yrs) Waverley Warriors (LBKA) Edge
TT 5 (16 to 17 yrs) Capcom (Kobudo Kai) Bukido Blazers
TT 6 (18 & Over) Kick Bags (Tsuru Kai) Team Edge
TT 7 (35 & Over) Ageing Ronin (LBKA) Kick Bags Too (Tsuru Kai)

Here is a selection of photos from the night:


The Twilight Teams Tournament of 2012 proved to be a fantastic success with 42 teams from several schools competing for the glory of winning. There were a lot of new friendships made and old friendships renewed. Sensei Adam got to compete against an old friend in Sensei Chris Weir. They used to compete against each other quite regularly 14 to 15 years ago as young teenagers. Sempai Trent came out of competition retirement to compete again after 15 years. All things considered, our teams put out an awesome effort. The standard of competition was very high.

We all have to bear in mind that the competitors who come to our tournaments are the ‘cream of the crop’ within their schools. Our competitors are our regular students.

Congratulations to all our teams who competed whether they won or not. Congratulations also to all those teams from all the other schools who competed. Remember competing makes you a winner. The winning trophies are just ‘The Cherry on The Cake’.

The results of the Twilight Teams Tournament are as follows:

 WinnersRunners Up

Revolution Masters (Revolution M A)

Revolution All Stars (Revolution M A)

The Kicking Kids (LBKA)

Survival Game (Bukido Karate)


Killer Kids (LBKA)

The Dark Ninjas (LBKA)


Doncaster Devils (LBKA)

To The Edge (Edge M A)


The Sentinals (LBKA)

Team Edge (Edge M A)


Team Awesome (Tsuru Kai)

Golden Cobra M A


Old Team Awesome (Tsuru Kai)

Golden Cobra M A

A big “Thank You!!’ go to all our Black Belts for refereeing and doing a wonderful job of it. Also to all the students and parents who chipped in with officiating in some form or the other. We always have a large number of chores to be carried out and they were carried out with the utmost professionalism. Our tournaments would never be the same without their help.

Thank you also to Dai Sensei Dale Hatty and Sensei Matt Andrepov for their help with refereeing.

We also have a few photos from the tournament for you to peruse.

Thank You

Shihan David Snell