Grading Prerequisites

An important aspect of our training is to assess the proficiency of our students.  Our Dojo instructors consider many things when we progress a student to the next rank.  Among these are:

  • Proficiency - Assessment of how well the student has learned the techniques.  As part of the grading process, students are required to demonstrate the various techniques learned in the class.
  • Attitude - As with all Martial Arts, much of learning Karate is about self discipline, respect of others and a willingness to learn.  Dojo instructors monitor the attitudes of students through the regular training sessions.  Above all we like to see our student enjoying the process of learning Karate.
  • Attendance - We believe that it is important that students regularly train with other students under the direction of our Dojo instructors.
  • Presentation - To promote self esteem  we require that students wear the prescribed uniform.  It is expected that their uniform is clean and well presented at all times.
  • Safety - As part of our training, often students are sparing or in close contact.  For this reason we must ensure that items such as jewellery and watches are removed and toe/finger nails are cut.  It is an expectation of grading that students comply with these requirements.  The safety of our students is amongst our highest priorities.

It is important to note that students will only be considered for grading when Dojo instructors believe they are ready.  The students must in every case pass the grading assessment in order to progress to the next rank.

There are 4 grading sessions a year for ranks between 10th Kyu and 6th Kyu. These are held towards the end of each term.   From 6th Kyu onwards there 3 grading sessions a year.