Belts and rankings

A student's rank will either be a kyu, numbered from 10 to 1, or a black belt with 1 to 10 red tips (dans). A student referred to as acoloured orcolour belt has a kyu ranking, and each kyu number has an associated colour belt. The kyu system is intended to be the same between martial arts clubs so that students may be paired up in inter-club events, such as tournaments, by their rankings. The colours for the kyu belts do vary between clubs; our colouring scheme is in the table below:

10th Kyu - White Belt
9th Kyu - Yellow Belt
8th Kyu - Blue Belt
7th Kyu - Orange Belt
6th Kyu - Green Belt
5th Kyu - Purple Belt
4th Kyu - Red Belt with a white stripe
3rd Kyu - Red Belt
2nd Kyu - Brown Belt with a white stripe
1st Kyu - Brown Belt
Shodan Ho (probationary Black Belt) - Black Belt with a white stripe
Shodan (1st Dan) - Black Belt with one red bar
Nidan (2nd Dan) - Black Belt with two red bars